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22 July 2008 @ 08:16 pm
Ok, feeling better about my whole situation; I have a tendency to blow things out of proportion when I'm stressed out.  Usually I'm really relaxed, but sometimes everything and anything is liable to make me scream with frustration or collapse into tears.  I think I should be fine if I don't spend money until payday, and then plus I have tips to cover any of the deficient. Today was good, I like being busy, but not overtly so.  I had work and I went out with Brenda today to look for turtles on the kayak.  I really enjoy kayaking; usually only my legs get exercised I feel, but the kayak is good for the upper body.  Today was rather adventurous; it rained sporadically and the waves were larger than usual.  I was afraid they would break over us, and I kept envisioning us abandoning the kayak to dive under the enormous encroaching crest.  Fortunately the kayak is so stable, but we had to skip some points because of the waves.  I also saw a ray; I have never seen one in the wild before, so I was appropriately excited.  It swam so quickly, and  there was an abundance of turtles today; I wonder if they like the rough surf? 

I have started doing yoga pretty regularly and I think it is amazing.  I feel so revitalized and relaxed whenever I finish and now I have done the exercise enough times to stay planted in the poses with my eyes closed throughout the tape.  I think interrupting the poses to look up, disturbs my focus and offsets my breathing pattern.  I really would advocate the benefits of yoga; I can feel myself becoming more flexible and stronger, without excessive exertion or stress.