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28 August 2008 @ 01:36 pm
I wrote my "statement of purpose" essay for the JET program a few days ago.  It was supposed to address the following criteria:

-Motivation for Participation: The essay should state your reasons for wishing to participate in the JET Program, why you want to go to Japan, and why you are interested in the ALT or CIR position .

- Relevant Experience: Please also make a case for your selection by describing your past/present experiences, professional skills, relevant interests and personal qualities, and how you feel these will be useful to you as an ALT or CIR. (ie. For ALTs: teaching experience, favorite teaching methods, etc...For CIRs: event coordinating experience, counseling or mediation skills, etc...)

- Goals: Also address what you hope to gain, both personally and professionally, and what effect you hope to have on the Japanese community and internationally as a result of your participation in the JET Program.

As a marine biology major, I recognize my desire to join the JET Program may seem an outlandish diversion from my initial scholarly direction.  However, throughout my scientific endeavors, my unwavering fascination and affinity for English, continually remains an unshakable constant. As an ALT, the opportunity to teach English, this most venerable assurance of success, promises the unmistakable deliverance of personal honor and joy, which strongly motivates my desire to participate in the Jet Program. Compiled upon my passion of English and blithe hope to assist in its instruction in the ALT position, the omniscient mantra of my university education, firmly reiterates the importance of global citizenship, regardless of degree.  As such, I believe travel-abroad, especially to a culturally-divergent location, remains the pinnacle prerequisite prior to entering the “real-world.” However, now entering my fourth year, and to my utter chagrin, traveling-abroad tauntingly evades my graduation time-line.  I feel participation in the JET Program skillfully fills this gaping hollow of my education career, shaping my worldly citizenship, enabling my proper ascent into adulthood, a personal and profession goal I hope to attain from this program.  

Going to university in Hawai’i in the past three years, provided a tantalizing keyhole glimpse into the Japanese culture.  Combined with effortlessly inspired meditative tranquility and striking beauty, the Buddhist and Shinto temples remain my favorite works of architecture in Hawai’i. I recognize the imprudence of judging an entire culture upon its tourists, but Japanese visitors unfailingly remain gracious and respectful. Witnessing the wide-eyed wonder in which Japanese tourists regard their surroundings, displays such a refreshing expression of humility, and global reverence.  Such people must be admired. These preliminary acquaintances cultivated my admiration and interest of Japanese culture, instilling a great, unsinkable yearning for a proper visitation and a complete immersion of Japan.

As an ALT, I feel my yearlong experience as an English writing tutor will be of relevant assistance, especially my familiarity with ESL Japanese students. The students overwhelmingly displayed similar strengths and weaknesses in English writing, which I think may correlate to the traits exhibited by the students in Japan.  The quality of the students’ writing content and the precision of their organization greatly impressed me, but the students stumbled with grammar, omitting articles and prepositions, and confusing the plural and singular.  I feel such knowledge most efficiently optimizes my assistance as an ALT, guiding my instruction, targeting such grammatical struggles.  Tutoring, also cultivated and strengthened essential personal qualities required for teaching:  the patience for repetition, genuine praise, and carefully constructed criticism.  Emotionally invested in my tutees, with heartfelt persistence I endeavored for their success, and I earnestly recognize I will replicate such efforts with students in Japan.

I firmly believe the JET Program will culturally enrich my global perspective, enhancing my worldly opinion, simultaneously providing the final link required for professional prosperity.  I hope the commutative skills granted by the JET Program will transcend cultural lines, securing my proficiency in science’s most crucial requirement: effective communication.  As the JET Program seemingly ensures the global success of all its participants, I sincerely hope my presence and efforts shall guarantee the Japanese community the same advantages bestowed upon me.  I believe English remains the keystone language of international business engagements, and I earnestly desire that my efforts will enable the youth of Japan to fully participate in all global affairs, securing the prosperity of Japan’s future. Regardless of the cultural differences between Japan and the United States, East and West, I honestly hope my participation in the JET Program shall internationally illustrate the crucial importance in maintaining global connections, encouraging harmonious interactions on a worldly scale. 

I hope it's ok :/